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Kentucky Nurse Aide Testing Information

Important Information:

The Nurse Aide testing system made several changes in 2023 and you should contact your instructor to find out the details. If you are unable to contact your instructor, please feel free to contact:

Sonya Riggs


Per the State of Kentucky guidelines, "An individual who is not employed as a nurse aide shall have one (1) year from the completion of a nurse aide training or fundamentals of nursing course to successfully complete the competency evaluation exam." Therefore, if your training completion date is over one (1) year, you will be required to repeat the training to become eligible to take the exam.


  • You will not be able to register for the Nurse Aide Exam if you have not paid for your nurse aide class in full.

How much does the Nurse Aide Exam Cost?

  •  How much does it cost to take the KY Nurse Aide Test?

    • Both (Skills and Written) - $115.00
    • Written only - $40.00
    • Skills only - $75.00