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Kentucky Nurse Aide Testing Information

Important Information:

KCTCS has an important message regarding ​the KY.GOV online payment processing system used when scheduling a Nurse Aide State Exam online. Beginning August 1, 2022, all credit card payments will be processed immediately at the time of scheduling a state exam. There will no longer be a delay in payment processing of 5 days prior to the scheduled exam date. 

Please contact us at ​ if you have any questions or concerns.

Per the State of Kentucky guidelines, "An individual who is not employed as a nurse aide shall have one (1) year from the completion of a nurse aide training or fundamentals of nursing course to successfully complete the competency evaluation exam." Therefore, if your training completion date is over one (1) year, you will be required to repeat the training to become eligible to take the exam.

Effective February 1, 2022, we have transitioned to an online testing format and the registration process has changed.

If you are scheduling your exam for the first time, you are no longer able to schedule your online exam. 

There are two entities that can schedule an online test.

  • An approved Kentucky Nurse Aide Training Provider
  • An individual who is already in the new system that needs to schedule their own retake exam

***The following information pertains to testing at Ashland Community & Technical College only***

If this is your first attempt:

You will need to contact your instructor/training provider to have them register you for the exam.  If you did not complete your training at a KCTCS institution, payment will be required at the time of registration either by you or your training provider. 

If you are an ACTC student, you will need to work with your instructor to schedule your test date.  Once your date has been scheduled, a $115.00 charge will be added to your student account. Once you have confirmed there is a charge on your student account, you will need to pay the fee at one of the cashier windows or through student self-service.  Payment must be made before your test date.

If you are retaking the exam:

An individual may schedule their own retake exam(s).  If you took the online written/skills test and failed one or both parts, your notification letter should provide you a retake code and you will be able to schedule your retake with that code.

If you took the paper/pencil version of the test your first round, you will need to contact (Phone:  606-326-2164) to obtain a retake code to the system.  Once you receive your retake code, please visit our individual booking page. **Payment will be required at the time of registration**  


  • You will not be able to register for the Nurse Aide Exam if you have not paid for your nurse aide class in full.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  How much does it cost to take the KY Nurse Aide Test?

    • Both (Skills and Written) - $115.00
    • Written only - $40.00
    • Skills only - $75.00
  • What Types of Payment Are Accepted?

    **Cash or card payments only in person on campus before exam (or morning of) date.  No Checks accepted for testing fees**

  •  What if my employer or another agency is paying for the exam?

    If a third party is paying for your exam, you MUST SUBMIT A THIRD PARTY LETTER by email or fax to Robin Harris at