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Electrocardiogram Technician (ECG)

This 8-Week program is designed for students wanting to work in doctor’s offices, hospitals, cardiac clinics, or anywhere electrocardiograms need to be performed.  Integrates comprehensive knowledge of the anatomy of the heart including conduction pathways, circulatory system, and mechanical function. Presents the medical terminology, pathophysiology related to cardiac crisis, arrhythmia recognition and 12-lead interpretation.


  • Lecture: 3 credit hours (45 contact hours).
  • Laboratory: 1 credit hours (45 contact hours).  
  • Clinical: 1 credit hours (45 contact hours).


For Program Information, please contact

Sonya Riggs
(606) 326-2164

To request a schedule of upcoming classes, please contact Workforce Solutions at AS_Workforce@kctcs.edu.  


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