Transcripts | ACTC


If you request a transcript and it will not go through, you most likely have a financial hold on your account.  Look below for steps to take in that situation.

Requesting a transcript from ACTC

  1. In order to send a transcript, you must have paid your bill or used a scholarship to pay for your course.
  2. You receive one free transcript.  If you wish to use this option, follow the directions at the link below for a paper request for a transcript.
  3. You may order a transcript through the national clearinghouse.  If you do not remember your ID number, you can type in all "0" and it will identify you through other information.

What if I’m told I have a hold, but I know I paid already or used a scholarship? 

  1. Call the business office and ask them to check on your account. They will ask you for your KCTCS ID number or other identifying information to confirm it is you.  Call Taylor Robinette at 606-326-2013, Cindi Woods at 606-326-2041, or Lora Kirkpatrick at 606-326-2415.
    Once your account is clear, you need to let the admissions office know so they will release your transcript you ordered.  Call 606-326-2413 or email and tell them your hold has been removed so they can send your transcript.