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Parents and Guardians of ACTC Dual Credit Students

ACTC welcomes the opportunity to have your dual credit student in our courses. Dual credit students are college students; as such, they are expected to assume a higher level of responsibility for relevant information for their college course enrollment and instruction. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for you as a parent or guardian to provide guidance and support, but at the same time let them take responsibility for checking and reading emails and completing the necessary steps to ensure their success in the dual credit courses. Your dual credit student will have more responsibilities in college, and they will be prepared for these through their dual credit experiences. 

Here are some important differences you should be aware of between dual credit and credential-seeking (high school graduate) students: 

Your child received the information above, along with additional information about specific actions to take such as setting up their account. Parents or guardians should not log into their student’s ACTC email account or Blackboard courses. Encourage and expect them to check their ACTC email regularly, be responsible for reading the details carefully, and follow through on required actions and deadlines.

If you have any questions regarding dual credit, please contact AS_DUALCREDIT@KCTCS.EDU.