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Textbooks & Course Materials

If you are taking a dual credit class which is offered as a whole section for your high school, your ACTC instructor will tell you what textbooks you need when your course starts.

  • Many courses have e-textbooks, for example, COM 181, MUS 100, MAT 150 and others.  The costs for these e Textbooks are not covered by dual credit scholarships and will be on your bill at the end of the semester. 
  • Dual credit bills are mailed to home addresses in Oct/Nov for fall semester and April/May for spring semester.

If you are individually taking an online or in person course with an ACTC instructor, you received a copy of your schedule sent to your high school email address. Use the schedule information you received and the directions below to find out what textbooks are required for your courses.

  1. Click on Current Students.
  2. Click on Bookstores.
  3. Click on Textbooks and select your campus using the drop-down menu.
    • Choose a department (e.g., ENG for English),
    • the course (e.g., 101 or 110),
    • and the section (e.g., 6401).
    • Not sure which department or course you’re in? Check your schedule and registration form—it’s all there.
  4. Rent or buy the materials you need, and start learning!


Some high schools provide students with books and materials for dual credit courses, while others don’t. Ultimately, you are responsible for getting access to all the textbooks and other materials you need for your courses. Some material may be available electronically as digital content. Digital content charges are separate from tuition, and you are responsible for these charges unless your high school or school district pays for them.