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Dropping or Withdrawing from a Course

Dropping a college course is different from dropping a high school course in some important ways.

Dual credit drop/add deadlines are different from the ones posted on ACTC’s academic calendar.

At the beginning of the semester, you will receive information about dual credit drop deadlines from your guidance counselor, high school dual credit faculty, or Vicki McGinnis.  It is the dual credit student’s responsibility to make sure they know the drop dates for their course, and if they do not, they ask the first day of the course.

Your guidance counselor has set up a method of communicating information about dual credit deadlines and drop procedures. Make sure you are checking this information regularly.  If you are homeschooled, you received this information from Vicki McGinnis.

You can also receive important information by signing up for the ACTC Dual Credit Remind account, and instructions for this are available from your counselor or Vicki McGinnis.

The chart below has important information about what happens if you drop before the drop date or after the drop date.

How do drop/add dates work with Dual Credit?
A course is dropped by the drop date A course is dropped after the drop date
  • The course does not appear on the student’s transcript.
  • There is no impact on GPA or future financial aid
  • The student must initiate the drop procedure, following the guidelines provided by their high school counselor or Vicki McGinnis
  • The student will have a W on their college transcript.
  • The student may be responsible for all or part of the tuition payment for the course.
  • If the student is going to apply for financial aid to attend college, a W may impact (but not prevent) financial aid.
    • Students must show a minimum GPA and completion rate to maintain financial aid, and a W factors into the completion rate for financial aid.  
    • This would be addressed by the institution the student attends after high school graduation.