Accommodations | ACTC


All ACTC dual credit students who are receiving accommodations through IEPs and 504 plans need to be registered with ACTC’s Disability Services each semester.

  1. A contact at the high school (counselor or other designated administrator who knows which students receive services for IEPs and 504s) will send a list of students with IEPs and 504 plans who are enrolled in current semester dual credit courses to Heather Shelton, ACTC Disability Coordinator.  
  2. Heather Shelton will send each student an email (to their ACTC email) to register with Disability Services.   
  3. Instructors will be sent accommodation notifications via their ACTC email. 
  4. Disability services will communicate to students throughout the semester via their ACTC email.  

The college has its own rules regarding accommodations, so you may get different accommodations as a college student. We encourage you and your high school to work closely with the college coordinator who helps students with accommodations. If you have any questions regarding Disability Services at ACTC, please contact Heather Shelton, ACTC Disability Coordinator.