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Blackboard Access

For many of our classes, you’ll need to access Blackboard, our online learning platform. Check the table below for a list of browsers you can use to access the system.

There is an Orientation to Online Learning available to all students in Blackboard. After you log in, go to the "Courses" tab, and use the drop-down function to choose "Orientation."  This is a great resource for you to learn how to use it, and after you complete the orientation, you get a certificate of completion. 

Brand of Browser Desktop Browser Versions Mobile and Tablet Browser Versions
Android Browser Not available  4+ 
Chrome 56+  56+ 
Edge 30+  30+ 
Firefox 50+  Unsupported 
Internet Explorer Unsupported  Unsupported 
Safari 11+  11+ 


Questions or issues? Visit Blackboard Student Support.