Blackboard Troubleshooting | ACTC

Blackboard Troubleshooting

Your course will not show in Blackboard until 24 hours after ACTC enrolls you.

Log into My Path: Once you’ve set up your account, go to and log into My Path from the top of the page.

  • Your email is your
  • For example:
    • username: smartin1234
    • Email:
  1. If the link above does not work, try this direct link to Blackboard
    • Important--only enter your username, not entire email to log in. It will not work if you
      use your email address.
    • You can also email for assistance if
      the steps above do not work.
    • This video also has tips
  2. Try the steps above on a different computer to see if you can access Blackboard.
  3. If you tried all the steps in the video above (including clearing your cache and
    cookies) and you still cannot log into Blackboard, you may need to check with
    your high school IT department. There have been some cases at high schools
    where firewall issues were causing a block to Blackboard, particularly if it was a
    personal computer or iPad being used.