Withdraw/Drop Request | ACTC

Withdraw/Drop Request

To withdraw from a class or completely withdraw from the college, please follow the appropriate steps outlined below.

You will be responsible for any and all financial delinquencies which result from failure to complete the withdrawal process by the dates established in the Academic Calendar. If you are enrolled in an online class through a KCTCS college other than ACTC, that college's academic calendar may be different. Check your course syllabus or contact your instructor to confirm those dates.

If you stop attending and do not officially withdraw from a class, you will receive a failing grade.

  • Complete the Withdraw/Drop Request in Student Self-Service. The request can be found by:
    1. choosing the Academic Records tile. 
    2. Click the Withdraw/Drop Request from the left hand menu. Current personal data displays. 
    3. At the bottom of the page, click on the slider bar to change acknowledgement from No to Yes to proceed. Click Continue.
      If any changes need to be made, use the update buttons for each section
    4. Click the magnifying glass to search for the term to withdraw/drop a class. 
    5. An acknowledgement statement appears. Click on the slider bar to change acknowledgement from No to Yes to proceed. 
    6. Pending Withdraw/drop requests and the Current Class Schedule appears. Classes in the Current Class Schedule can be selected to drop by placing a checkmark in the box next to the appropriate class(es).
    7. In the Reason for withdraw/drop, select the drop down arrow to select a reason for dropping the class and click the Continue button that appears. 
    8. Answer each of the questions concerning assistance and then click Continue.
      Note: The slider bars are defaulted to “No”. If answering “Yes”, click the slider bar to change it to “Yes”.
    9. If everything appears correct, select the Submit button. 
    10. Click Return or click the Home icon to return to the Student Homepage. 
  • After mid-term, you must have instructor permission to withdraw from a class. Instructors will be notified of your request, once you officially submit the online form.
  • Any student withdrawing from a developmental course at any time during the semester MUST have the Instructor's permission.
  • If you receive financial aid (grants, scholarships, or loans) and withdraw from all courses, this can result in repayment of financial aid received. If you have questions about how this may affect your financial; aid, please consult the Office of Financial Aid before submitting your request.

The last day to officially withdraw can be determined by the official Academic Calendar. Academic Calendars can vary in online courses, depending on the offering school.