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10 Essential Skills

In conjunction with the Council for Post-Secondary Education’s (CPE) efforts to ensure Kentucky College’s graduates receive not only a quality collegiate education, but a focused effort on the 10 Essential Skills, Ashland Community and Technical College is honored to partner with sister colleges across the state to participate as an Academy I member of the KY Graduate Profile.

ACTC’s mission is a commitment to Educate with excellence. Serve with purpose. Succeed for life. To help students demonstrate their ability to apply skills essential to the modern workplace, ACTC has combined our mission with the Graduate Profile initiative. Students who successfully complete identified assignments/assessments, and/or activities through Career Services are eligible to receive badges and apply for the Work Ready Certificate.

At ACTC, we believe the 10 Essential Skills are a fundamental necessity to ensuring our graduates have everything they need to not only be competitive in the 21st Century workplace, but excel beyond their counterparts. That is why students will have multiple opportunities to earn the 10 badges as they progress through their education. 

Communicate Effectively badgeCommunicate Effectively

Communicate effectively by listening, weighing influencing factors, and responding accurately and professionally. Express thoughts coherently in writing, orally, and in formal presentations.

Critical Thinking badgeCritical Thinking

Thinking critically to solve problems and generate new ideas and solutions. Evaluate assumptions and assess information to make informed conclusions. Think creatively by combining ideas in original ways or developing new ways of addressing issues.

Quantitative Reasoning badgeQuantitative Reasoning

Apply quantitative reasoning skills to analyze and solve numerical problems. Provide solutions guided by data and choosing the best methodologies for arriving at informed conclusions.

Cultural Competence badgeCultural Competence

Interact effectively with people from diverse backgrounds. Reflect on cultural identities, appreciate cultural and intellectual differences, and effectively interact with people from diverse backgrounds. Engage in multiple opportunities to collaborate, communicate, and work respectfully with people who share different perspectives, ideas, and cultural beliefs.

Adaptable Leadership badgeAdaptable Leadership

Adapt to changing circumstances while leading and supporting others. Accept change and find effective ways to work and thrive in different settings. Motivate and coach others in the pursuit of a common goal.

Professional Performance badgeProfessional Performance

Perform professionally within their chosen field of study or occupation. Adhere to the code of ethics in their chosen profession and act with honesty and fairness. Prioritize tasks, manage time, take initiative, and demonstrate accountability and reliability.

Civic Engagement badgeCivic Engagement

Engage in civic life to improve society through political, social and other activities while addressing issues that benefit society.

Teamwork and Collaboration badgeTeamwork and Collaboration

Collaborate and work in teams with colleagues, become effective team members, and manage conflict.

Knowledge Application badgeKnowledge Application

Demonstrate evidence of applied and integrated learning. Articulate and apply the theoretical content of their academic preparation with relevant knowledge and abilities essential to their chosen career.

Information Literacy badgeInformation Literacy

Use information for decision making. Identify, evaluate, and responsibly use information needed for decision making.

Post-Secondary Work Ready Certification (WRC) Overview

The ACTC Career Services Department, Ashland Alliance, and the ACTC Career Services Advisory Committee share an understanding of what is needed to develop and launch a successful career in the tri-state area. In conjunction with the KY Graduate Profile’s 10 Essential Skills, the Post-Secondary Work Ready Certificate Program is a self-initiated program filled with various resources, activities, and opportunities for students to develop and gain measurable skills through services offered by the ACTC Career Services Department. Students that wish to earn their certificate and receive recognition at graduation must complete all established criteria outlined in the Ashland Community and Technical College Post-Secondary Work Ready Certification Program. Students should start their WRC process by registering on Handshake