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Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky

Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky (AOKY) allows participants an accelerated pathway to employment -and to a GED diploma and a KCTCS entry level certificate that meet the needs of the participant and the state and regional economy. This student first approach gives participants the skills they need to succeed in school and compete in the workforce by working on technical and foundational education at the same time while also providing support services to participants through a success coach and a career coach.The success coach helps participants fill in college paperwork, provides general support, and develops plans for them to meet their goals, tracks academic progress and makes referrals as needed. The career coach conducts a skills assessment, assists with resume writing, job search activities, training services, career counseling, and provides job referrals.

The goals of Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky are to:

  • Allow students who need to earn their GED to do so while they are also enrolled in college courses
  • Allow students to earn one or more certifications that helps them get a better job now with a family sustaining wage
  • Allow students to earn college credit that leads to a degree in the future

Who can participate?

Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky is open to eligible GED seeking students. In order to determine if this applies to you, you will need to take the Wonderlic test.

If you would like to find out if you qualify for Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky, contact the Accelerating Opportunity point of contact at the College you are interested in attending and they will help you. 

How much does it cost?

Tuition for Accelerating Opportunity Kentucky is the same as any other college course: Tuition and Costs. 

You will most likely also have to pay for books and depending on the program you are interested in enrolling in, there may be additional costs orfees. Please contact the college contact to learn more about the cost for the program you are interested in.

Can I receive help with tuition?

Financial aid or other financial assistance may be available for those who qualify. The college contact can help you figure out the program costs and if you qualify for financial aid. If you don't qualify for financial aid, the Coordinator can help you identify other ways you may get help with tuition.

Ready to start on your path to higher education? Reach out to our AOKY program coordinator!

Chrisha Spears
(606) 326-2425