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Distance Learning

The mission of the Kentucky Virtual Adult Education (KYVAE) web site is to provide the adult learner access to literacy information, curriculum, resources and services in an easy to use and motivational format. The site is dedicated to helping adult learners achieve their personal learning goals and/or completion of the GED. KYVAE provides adult learners with the basic information they need to start or continue their education via the computer.


WIN (or the World Wide Interactive Network) is an online instructional curriculum for the workforce. It addresses the following WorkKeys skills areas: Reading for Information, Graphic Literacy, and Applied Math. 

Matching employees and the job skills they have to employers is the purpose of the WorkKeys system, a new innovation developed by ACT. Jobs are profiled, and then the skills required and the competency levels of those skills for those positions are set. Through WorkKeys, prospective and current employees' skills may be assessed and evaluated. Matching employees with the jobs they have the skills for leads to less employee turnover, increased productivity, cost reductions and greater job satisfaction.

If employees' skills do not reach the levels required for the jobs they apply for or are currently working in, WIN is a solution to review the skills that are needed to improve performance on WorkKeys. Skill areas on WIN are completely interactive, self-directed and learner-friendly. Individuals may access WIN 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any Internet-capable computer.