Federal Work-Study

Under the Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program, students can earn money for their education by working part-time while enrolled in school. Federal Work-Study funds are limited. Employment and/or positions are not guaranteed for all those who qualify or who apply.

FWS awards are deducted from your financial need/cost of attendance and the award is paid to the student via paycheck, per institution pay schedule. If you are awarded a FWS, the award amount listed on your award notification is the maximum you may earn during the award period. You are not guaranteed to earn this amount, but rather is a reasonable estimate of what you should be able to earn.

Your total FWS award depends on:

  1. when you apply;
  2. your level of financial need/cost of attendance;
  3. your school's funding level;
  4. number of hours a week a student can work;
  5. period of employment;
  6. anticipated wage rate; and
  7. a supervisor's willingness to hire you.

If you are interested in the Federal Work-Study program, and for additional information please see our FWS Student Checklist. You can also contact the Office of Financial Aid with further questions.