ACTC Disability Parking Guidelines | ACTC

ACTC Disability Parking Guidelines

Accessible parking spaces are available and clearly marked at each of ACTC's campus locations.  All students and employees utilizing accessible parking on campus are required to have a copy of the registration paperwork for their state issued disability parking placard/plate on file with Disability Services, and display in their vehicle an additional school tag issued to them when they submit this paperwork. Submission of the registration, along with a form of photo ID,  verifies that the individual using the placard/plate on campus is the person to whom it was registered.  Displaying the school tag allows security to know the tag has been registered.  This monitoring for proper use of tags ensures the availability of spaces for those who need them. 

Drivers not displaying the school issued tag may be approached by security and asked to show their registration and photo id.  In addition to ACTC security, parking areas are monitored by local law enforcement, who are authorized to ticket individuals unable to provide proof of registration. It is a violation of state law to use a disability placard/plate for accessible parking if the individual to whom the placard/plate was issued is not the driver or a passenger in the vehicle.  Tickets for this offense generally start at $250. 

If you do not currently have a state tag, Disability Services is unable to issue you an ACTC tag, but can provide further information about the process of acquiring a tag in your state of residence.  Additionally, an ACTC disability parking permit does not excuse individuals from displaying and/or renewing state issued tags

We are not attempting to penalize any individuals who legitimately need handicapped accessible parking.  The goal is to ensure that enough parking is available for all those who need it, while deterring those who are using these parking areas inappropriately.