Documentation Requirements | ACTC

Documentation Requirements

  • Must be from an individual qualified to diagnose the stated disability, and written on professional letterhead, or otherwise presented as a formal professional report. A quick note on a prescription pad indicating diagnosis
    is not sufficient.
  • Should indicate the specific diagnosis, how long the student has been diagnosed, how long the provider has been treating the student, and a very brief summary of how the student is currently treated.
  • Needs to include information about the current impact of the student's disability, and any special considerations and/or recommendations the provider may have for the student as well as suggestions of appropriate accommodations.
  • All documentation is confidential and maintained by Disability Services -it does not become a part of the student's academic record. 

Specific Information Regarding Documentation for Learning Disabilities

  • Documentation for learning disabilities must be in the form of psychological/psychoeducational assessment. A copy of an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or related documents are not complete documentation, although they can be helpful to see what types of services a student has used in the past.
  • For assessments to be acceptable they must be conducted by a qualified professional, appropriately licensed/certified to give them.
  • Evaluations should be as current as possible. While a diagnosis of a learning disability is life-long, the severity of the disability, as well impact on the individual, can change for a variety of reasons. All assessments must indicate the most current impact on educational performance.
  • Documentation must be comprehensive, including multiple types of tests
  • Assessment, scoring, and interpretation must provide specific evidence that a learning disability has been identified.
  • Three specific areas must be addressed in the overall evaluation:
    • 1) aptitude,
    • 2) academic achievement,
    • 3) and information processing.
  • If you have previously been diagnosed with a learning disability, but do not have copies of your testing,  it has been a long time since you were tested, or you suspect you have a learning disability, but have never been tested, please contact us. While ACTC does not have staff appropriately licensed to provide testing, we can make referrals.