Crisis Action Plan | ACTC

Crisis Action Plan

If you receive a SNAP or emergency message from ACTC, the following words: Lockout; Lockdown; or Evacuation will be prominent in the message. Please follow the directions as noted in the emergency message and/or listed below.


There is a threat in the vicinity, and the college will be closed to citizens attempting to reach campus. Everyone on campus will also be advised to remain on campus. Usage could include: violence in neighborhood, but no evidence of violence on campus; shelter in place orders from Boyd County Emergency Management, etc… Unless otherwise directed, you may move about freely inside the buildings; however, it is unsafe to enter or leave the campus.


There is a threat on campus. All doors should be locked, and employees should lock the classroom and office doors stay in their offices and classrooms until there is an electronic all clear given, or until the Crisis Management Team releases them. Usage could include: violence on campus, earthquake, tornado.


There is a threat on campus, and everyone needs to leave the building and/or campus. At the time of the evacuation order, everyone will be advised whether to evacuate to assigned areas, or if they are to evacuate the campus completely. Usage would include: fire, campus closing due to inclement weather, Power Failure, etc… Following ACTC policy, students, employees and the community are prohibited from returning to campus until the campus has re-opened for business.

ACTC Emergency Contact Numbers:

  • Emergencies - Call 911
  • ACTC Emergency – 62059 (326.2059)
  • CDC Security – 62176 OR 922.4470
  • RDC Security – 62256 OR 923.3605
  • TDC Security – 62276, or 923.7246
  • Deputy John Daniels – 62483 or 922.8389
  • EMAIL: