Important Information for Student Organizations | ACTC

Important Information for Student Organizations

  • All student organizations must have two advisors and constitution/bylaws.
  • All student organizations must be registered and approved by the Student Activities Coordinator every academic year (Registration/Intent to be Active Form).
  • All new student organizations must fill out a registration form (Registration/Intent to be
    Active Form).
  • All new organizations will be considered “unaffiliated” for 2 years and cannot receive
    funding from student activities for those 2 years. Political and religious organizations
    will not be eligible for funding at any time.
  • Must be active (meet at least once per month) to receive funding from student
    activities. If you continue to be inactive, you will lose funding.
  • Minutes from meetings must be turned in to Student Activities Coordinator
    (electronically or hard copy).
  • Room 160 is available for meetings. Must be scheduled ahead of time.
  • Use Activity Request Form in a timely manner and all activities must be approved first by
    the Student Activities Coordinator.
  • If using student activities funds, proper procedures must be followed when making
    purchases and will be denied if not followed (i.e. proper forms completed, 7 day rule for
    food purchases)
  • If using student activities funds, food requests must be turned in at least 7 business days
    in advance for proper approval which includes the signatures of the Student Activities
    Coordinator, Dean of Student Affairs, and the President.
  • Flowers (real and artificial) cannot be purchased using student activities funding.
  • Raffle/lottery type activities are prohibited (by order of the Dean of Business Affairs).
  • Monies must be properly handled by advisor/treasurer. Bank accounts set-up and
    signature authority required.
  • Soliciting for donations must be pre-approved by the Student Activities Coordinator and
    the Advancement Office. There is a special form from the Advancement Office that the
    donor must fill out and then be returned to Advancement.
  • Any mail that comes to the Student Activities Coordinator will be forwarded on to the
    student organization/club advisor.