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Therapeutic Program Worker

Job Title

Therapeutic Program Worker


State of Ohio, Department of Developmental Disabilities

Job Description

Direct implementation of continuous active treatment services for adults with developmental disabilities. The Therapeutic Program Workers are members of an interdisciplinary team to help residents increase adaptive behavior while decreasing maladaptive behaviors.

Minimum Qualifications

  • High school diploma or a certificate of high school equivalence
  • Valid driver's license
  • Successful completion of paperwork and background check


Provides hands-on care to people with developmental disabilities who reside at statewide Developmental Centers.

This position will

  • Help people with developmental disabilities become more independent with daily-living skills like eating, bathing, toileting, personal hygiene, oral hygiene, dressing, grooming, communication, money management, etiquette, social skills
  • Help people with developmental disabilities get around the facility and participate in activities in the facility's gym, pavilion, activity room and pool
  • Assists with planning activities for residents like going shopping, out to eat, to hair appointments or to other activities
  • Shop for or with someone with developmental disabilities to help them buy for clothes and personal items
  • Perform light housekeeping duties in the living areas
  • Complete required documentation like daily charting, monthly progress summaries, yearly assessments, clothing inventories, sleep charts
  • Help keep residents safe by observing and reporting any reaction to medication or any unusual incidents

To Apply


Gallipolis Developmental Center, Gallia Co. Ohio





Contact for Additional Information

Shay Hanson,