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Youth Support Specialist

Job Title:

Youth Support Specialist


Ramey-Estep Homes

Job Description:

The Youth Support Specialist (YSS) serves as a member of a multi-disciplinary treatment team providing 24-hour residential care to troubled youth. Working within a treatment milieu, the YSS facilitates the emotional, social, moral, and physical development of youth within his or her care. The YSS works as part of a team to maintain a safe and secure environment for all youth that promotes growth and development and provides supervision to the youth throughout the course of all daily activities. The YSS teaches competencies so that youth may learn to function in a less structured environment. The YSS must be physically able to work all shifts – days, evenings and midnights.

Provide direct care and supervision of youth throughout all facets of the program.

Establish boundaries. Respond to youth’s needs with fairness, objectivity, firmness, care and concern. Observe behavior and emotional climate within the group and with each individual youth and respond appropriately.

Maintain certification in Safe Crisis Management (SCM), unless exemption given by CEO or designee, and utilize these skills as needed to assure the safety of an individual youth and the safety of the milieu, with the goal of minimizing use of physical management, unless necessary.

Engage in behavior management, by assisting in modifying behaviors that have been disruptive or inappropriate for youth, observing and responding to changes using positive reinforcement and using appropriate techniques to de-escalate negative behaviors.

Assure that each youth is focused on treatment goals. Follows daily and weekly shift responsibilities and otherdaily assignments as deemed necessary in maintaining a constant therapeutic living environment.

Communicate effectively with other treatment team staff and work within the plan designed by treatmentteam.

Provide a positive role model by maintaining appropriate dress, language, social skills, and hygiene.

Keep accurate and timely records and writes thorough and objective reports including, but not limited to, logentries, incident reports, phone calls, visits, progress reports, enrichment groups, and rehab groups.

Provide transportation for youth to appointments as needed or assigned. Drives agency vehicle in safe andlawful manner.

Teach grooming, hygiene, housekeeping functions, care of property, family living skills and help the youthwork through emotional and behavioral problems to facilitate the youth’s movement towards permanency.

Maintain familiarity with all emergency procedures relative to hazards such as: tornadoes, power outages,floods or snow storms.

Comply with licensing standards, certification standards, employee handbook, client rights, and any otherrules of conduct.

Perform other duties as assigned.

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$11.00 per hour


Rush, KY


$11.00 per hour


multiple shifts available

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