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Experienced Deckhand

Job Title

Experienced Deckhand


Superior Marine Ways, Inc.

Job Description

Job purpose

Performs any combination of following duties aboard vessels; handles lines to tie vessel to docks, another vessel, or rig towing lines and wires.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Wire barges and tow
  • Tie off barges
  • Transfer or rigging
  • Boat cleaning
  • Painting
  • Cleaning of decks and boats
  • Pump barges
  • Transport and reposition equipment
  • Maintenance and housekeeping as directed on vessel and tows.
  • Deckhands are accountable for their own health, safety, and cleanliness.  In addition they are responsible for the safety, security and well-being of the vessel, other crew and all others aboard the vessel at all times.
  • Deckhands are responsible for compliance with adhering to the provisions of the COI, for compliance with the company’s safety management system and all applicable regulations.
  • Deckhands must be knowledgeable of all applicable rules and regulations and the policies and procedures as described in the company Safety Management System.
  • All crew members, including Deckhands, are responsible for taking actions to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • All crew members, including Deckhands, are responsible for the safety of the towing vessel the tow and associated equipment.
  • All crew members, including Deckhands, are responsible for minimizing any distraction from the operation of the vessel of performance of duty.
  • All crew members, including Deckhands, are responsible to verbally report hazardous or unsafe conditions immediately to the Master and for making “on-the-spot” corrections when capable.
  • Participating in education and training such as vessel drills.
  • Deckhands must be willing to perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.


  • Reliable for designated schedule regardless of weather conditions Must be able to take instruction and supervision from all supervisors.
  • Preferred experience with marine industry Familiar with heavy equipment Must work in team environment Color vision to recognize color coded objects Lift and carry 50-75 lbs for several hundred feet Working conditions
  • Special working conditions include; regular evening and weekend work, 12 hour shift work, working outdoors, working in various weather climates, ability to withstand working on the water and heights.

Physical requirements

This is a physically demanding job, one where the incumbent is required to stand for extended periods of time, lift heavy objects on a regular basis, do repetitive tasks, work in confined spaces, ascend and descend ladders while carrying equipment and exposure to weather climates.



South Point, OH




Full Time

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