Navigating Student Self-Service | ACTC

Navigating Student Self-Service

Use "My Path" to login to ACTC accounts with Single Sign-In

  1. At the ACTC Homepage @
  2. Use Icon in Upper-right to select "CURRENT STUDENTS"The "hamburger" icon used on mobile devices to access the menu
  3. Scroll down, find the PathfinderACTC'a Pathfindeer (fox) mascot that is used to show the link to Mypath on the Current students page
  4. Select the "MY PATH" option
  5. Use ACTC username & password
    • Example username: JSMITH0001
    • Example ACTC Email: JSMITH0001@KCTCS.EDU
  6. Login to Self-Service, Email, Blackboard, & More!

Self-Service Homepage

The tiles displayed on your "homepage" are your navigation tools.Screenshot of a sample self-service homepage illustrating the location of tiles, toolbar icons, and refresh

Toolbar is displayed at all timesSelf-service toolbar icons that are located on every self service page.A row of four squares with icons in each square.


Return to your Student HomepageHome toolbar icon. A square containing a picture of a house


Searches within your accountThe Search icon image of an hour glass


Displays actions, such as Sign-OutMenu icon. Three horizontal lines.


View most up-to-date account detailsRefresh icon: an arrow roating in a circle


Program your favorites and moreNavigation menu icon: Image of a compass


Student Center Tile

Student Center tile. A head and chest of a stick figure holding a folder

View All Account Details in One Convenient Location

  • Grades
  • Class Schedule
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • Account Balance
  • Anticipated Financial Aid
  • KCTCS Messages
  • Personal Information
  • Address on File
  • Phone Number on File
  • And Much More!

Screenshot of sample student center

How to Give Someone Access to Your Records for FERPA

  1. In the student tile, click the "Consent to Release" link
  2. Fill out the consent with the person’s information of who you are giving consent to (not your personal information).

How to Restrict/Release Information for FERPA

  1. In the Student Center> Personal Information> Click on Privacy Setting in the "other personal..." text box.
  2. Click Edit FERPA/Directory Restrictions"Other Personal" drop down box that contains the "Privacy Settings" link

Profile Tile

Profile tile; A stick figure head and chest with a pencil

View & Edit Personal Details

  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone Numbers

*Note* Visit the Welcome Center to change or update other account details such as name, date of birth, or SSN

Screenshot of the Profile tile

Academic records Tile

Academic Records tile. Three stick figureheads wearng graduation caps

View & Edit

  • Major
  • Home College

*Note* Always speak to a Financial Aid Specialist and Academic Advisor before changing either your major or home college.

 Screenshot of the academic records section

Tasks Tile

Tasks tile. A yellow triangle with an exclamation mark inside

View Tasks and To-Do Items for Financial Aid & Admission

  • To-do items and tasks are usually required for your file to be complete.
  • Click on each item to view details.

Account Balance Tile

Account Balance tile: coins and a money bag in front of a columned building

Select "What I Owe" to Review Your Account Charges

  • Tuition
  • Fees
  • Book Charges

Select "Make A Payment" to View Payment Options

*Note* Payment Plan deadlines do apply. See Academic Advisor for details.

Screenshot of Account Balance page

Financial Aid Tile

Financial Aid Tile. A stick figure in cap and gown hoding papers

View Your Financial Aid

  • Estimated Awards
  • Anticipated Awards
  • Account Summary
  • Accept/Decline Awards
  • Award Disbursement(s)
  • Bookstore Release
  • Tuition
  • Fees
  • Book Charges

*Note* Bookstore Release needs submitted one-time only.

Self-Service Help is Available

For assistance in Self-Service including:

  • Login
  • Navigation
  • Activation
  • Password Reset

Visit the Welcome Center


Call the 24/7 Help Desk @ 1-855-246-2282

Thank You!