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Through the Looking Glass of an Online Class

by Rebekah Michael - January 27, 2022

January 27, 2022

“I am a single mother of one and I work full time”

“Depression and anxiety have been an obstacle for me”

“I recently lost two family members to murder”

“I have severe depression”

“I have chronic migraines (15+ migraines a month)”

“I have a major depressive disorder”

“I am battling cancer”

“I have three children and work 60+ hours a week”

“I have horrible ADHD”

“I’m both excited and nervous about getting my degree at 55”

“I have anxiety that gets bad during tests, exams, and quizzes”

“I had two emergency surgeries during last semester and am facing another surgery”

“I get highly nervous on tests, especially timed tests”

“I have been diagnosed with severe anxiety”


I can’t see you but I see you.


I see you submitting assignments at 11:58pm because you parented all. day. long.

I see you saving drafts because you got another work call after working a 12 hour shift.

I see you diligently taking just two classes each semester, because it’s all you can manage between working full time and raising a child who requires special care.

I see you. I see me, fifteen years ago. I see not having enough money for a new tire. I see rocking a sick baby for hours. I see the worry lines becoming deeper.

I also see the raw hope. Determination. Grit.

I see everything you are up against, everything you carry…


And I see you absolutely crushing it.


“I got completely caught up over the weekend!”

“I did really well on that huge project I was worried about!”

“I made an A in math!”

“I’m going to graduate!”

“They want to interview me!!”

“I got the job!!!”



012722-bekah-michaelRebekah Michael is the Business Administration program coordinator and a full-time faculty member at ACTC. She is a certified public accountant with ten years of industry experience, a Morehead state alum (BBA and MBA), and a passionate amateur woodworker. She enjoys fancy coffee and plain old regular run of the mill no frills no thrills everyday coffee, getting her hands dirty as an HVACR apprentice, and cherishing every day with her son, daughter, life partner, and beloved dog. Her son, daughter, and life partner are also beloved, but the dog is exceptional.


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