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Develop a dynamic career in medical imaging with a comprehensive associate degree in radiography that includes specialized courses and hands-on clinical practice.

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Good pay, good job, great idea!

If you like science and want to work in health care providing an invaluable service to patients, this might be the job for you.  You use ionizing radiation, also known as X-rays, for medical imaging of internal structures of the body.

The Radiography program offers a comprehensive degree option for the radiography student.  The program consists of instruction in specialized didactic and clinial courses in radiography.  Classroom instruction is closely correlated with guided clinical practice in affiliated health care agencies.  

Some travel will be required to out-of-town clinical sites in order to provide the student a well-rounded clinical experience. 

This program has been granted SACSCOC Approval.

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Degrees and Transfers

Program Specifics

Radiography Program Mission

Consistent with the vision and mission statements of ACTC, the Radiography Program will be a leader in workforce development by providing a quality education in the field of Radiologic Technology. The program will utilize a competency-based evaluation system to prepare graduates with the necessary skills to administer the production of high-quality medical imaging. Faculty emphasizes critical thinking, effective communication and encourages students to continue their professional development after graduation. A variety of clinical environments along with instruction in the classroom and laboratory, will provide program participants with a well-rounded educational experience.

Radiography Program Values

  • Intellectual, professional, and personal growth of students’ faculty and staff
  • Excellence in teaching, advising, and supporting students
  • Student success through individualized attention
  • Climate of mutual respect and collaboration
  • Interactive and adaptive relationship with the radiography community
  • Lifelong learning
  • Cultural diversity and human dignity
  • Continuous improvement of the program

Radiography Program Goals and Student Outcomes

  1. Students/Graduates will demonstrate clinical competence.
    • Students will utilize proper radiation protection practices.
    • Students will provide appropriate speed when performing radiographic images.
    • Students will properly position for radiographic procedures.
    • Students will utilize and demonstrate appropriate technical factors for procedures.
  2. Students/Graduates will demonstrate effective communication skills with patients and health care workers.
    • Students can demonstrate effective communication skills to patients (bedside manner).
    • Students can work alongside other healthcare professionals efficiently and effectively.
  3. Students/Graduates will demonstrate the critical thinking skills needed in the Radiography profession.
    • Students will demonstrate appropriate measures to correct inadequate images.
    • Students will critique images for positioning precision.
    • Students will identify different pathologies and recognize what technical adjustments need to be made.
    • Students will display appropriate critical thinking and problem-solving skills during trauma procedures.
  4. Students/Graduates will grow and develop professionalism.
    • Students will be involved with and understand professional growth.
    • Students will exhibit professionalism in the clinical setting.

Radiography Program Effectiveness Data

Program Effectiveness will be posted once the first class has completed the program.

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Suzanne Stephens


Program Coordinator

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