Grades | ACTC


  • Students receive letter grades for college courses (A, B, C, D, E, W, F). No numeric grade data will be submitted.
  • Dual credit grades are applied to the student’s college and high school transcripts and are a permanent part of a student’s academic record.
  • Per state policy, dual credit courses are governed by the college’s grading policy. Secondary schools awarding credit will use the college’s policy.
  • Per KAR regulation 15:090: the course grade assigned by the college shall be used by the high school in calculating the KEES grade point average, and shall be included in the KEES calculation using a 5.0 point scale where 5.0 is an "A", 4.0 is a "B", 3.0 is a "C", 2.0 is a "D", and 1.0 is an "F".
  • Colleges can’t change the deadlines for submitting and reporting grades. They also can’t accommodate requests for early grade submission to a high school.