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Concurrent Enrollment Site Visit

College Requirements

Even when dual credit courses are taught at a high school, they are college courses and are documented on college transcripts.

  • College faculty are responsible for the course content and learning outcomes, and the college is responsible for making sure that the syllabus, course content, learning outcomes and course assessment meet the same standards as courses that take place on the college’s campus.
  • To that end, your college will review syllabi, course assessments and student learning outcomes. It will also provide oversight through classroom visits by college administrators or faculty.

What to Expect from a Site Visit

College faculty liaisons occasionally visit dual credit classrooms to make sure that courses offered at high schools are taught with the same rigor as those offered at the college. In addition, ongoing communication between instructors is beneficial to our shared educational goals.

Your faculty liaison will meet with you both before and after the class observation. Documentation from the visit is provided to you, the college’s division dean and the college’s chief academic officer.



Faculty can see a preview of the Concurrent Enrollment Site Visit Form (pdf) to help prepare their materials.