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Breathe New Life into Your Old Textbooks and Supplies, Pathfinders!

by Brock Chandler - September 13, 2023
Hello Pathfinders! 

We've all been there: semester's end rolls around, and suddenly we're left with a mountain of textbooks and supplies we aren’t sure we’ll ever use again. But instead of letting them collect dust or (gasp!) tossing them out, why not channel that inner creativity and give them a brand new purpose? Upcycling is not just eco-friendly, but it's also a fabulous way to make the most of what you already have. Let’s dive in! 
1. Notebook Collages 
Don't underestimate those glossy pages filled with diagrams and vibrant images. Carefully tear out pages from textbooks that aren’t in reuse condition and turn them into the backdrop of a college or mood board. Frame it, and voilà, instant wall art for your space! 
2. Textbook Bookends 
Take two hardcover textbooks and glue them spine to spine. Once they’re secure, you have a chic bookend set, giving your study area a little touch of academic flair. 
3. Binder Revamp 
Give those old binders a refresh! Wrap them in unused presentation paper, or if you're feeling crafty, design your own covers. Not only will it feel brand new, but it'll also give your study sessions a little sparkle. 
4. Bookmark Magic 
Cut out sturdy strips from your old textbook covers or use colorful pages. Punch a hole at one end, thread a tassel through it, and you've got yourself a handy bookmark. Sharing is caring, so make a few extra for your fellow Pathfinders. 
5. Personalized Pencil Holder 
Take an old tin or small box and wrap it in pages from textbooks or notes. Secure with glue, add some decorative ribbon or washi tape, and now your pens and pencils have a stylish home. 
6. Reusable Book Covers 
Your old textbooks may have seen better days, but their covers can still shine! Use them as protective covers for your new textbooks or favorite novels. It’s like giving your books a fashion-forward wardrobe! 
7. DIY Desk Organizer 
Those leftover supply boxes and tin cases? They're perfect for creating a desk organizer. Glue them together in a configuration that fits your space, then wrap them in textbook pages or decorate with paint. Say hello to a clutter-free study zone! 
8. Textbook Buyback at ACTC 
Consider selling your textbooks back here at Ashland Community and Technical College. Gather textbooks that are still current and supplies in good condition. You can sell your books to the ACTC Library at the end of each semester! Not only will you help out a fellow Pathfinder, but you'll also be championing sustainability. 
Pathfinders, I truly believe that with a touch of imagination and a dash of effort, everything old can be new again. Upcycling is more than just a trend—it's a statement that we care about our environment and can make the most of every resource. So, next time you're about to toss out those old textbooks and supplies, take a moment to envision their new potential. After all, it's the unique touches that make our spaces – and our journeys at ACTC – truly unforgettable. 

Stay inspired and keep shining, Pathfinders! ✨