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Finding Your Groove: Crafting the Ultimate Study Playlist, Pathfinders!

by Brock Chandler - September 13, 2023
Hey there, Pathfinders! 

Let’s talk about the rhythm of our studies. We all know that finding the right environment to study can be the game-changer when it comes to acing those exams. But sometimes, it’s not just about where we study, but also what we listen to while doing it. That’s right, I'm talking about crafting the perfect study playlist! 🎵 
Understand Your Vibe 
The first step is understanding what kind of music boosts your concentration. Are you into classical symphonies that transport you to another era, or do soft acoustic tunes do the trick? Remember, this is your personal soundtrack, so make it all about what resonates with you. 
Stay Lyrical or Go Instrumental? 
Lyrics can be inspiring, but sometimes they can also be distracting, especially when trying to comprehend complex information. If you find yourself singing along more than focusing, it might be time to switch to instrumental tracks. 
Embrace Variety 
While consistency is key, a touch of variety can keep things fresh. Consider creating a playlist that transitions from one genre to another over time, mirroring your study breaks. 
Consider the Beats Per Minute (BPM) 
Studies have shown that songs with a BPM between 50 and 80 can enhance concentration and cognition. These tempos can subtly encourage your brain to get into the 'zone'. Artists like Adele, Taylor Swift, and even some tracks by Coldplay can fit this mold. 
White Noise and Ambient Sounds 
Don't restrict yourself to just music. White noise, nature sounds, or ambient cafe noises can be surprisingly effective. They create a consistent auditory environment that can mask distracting noises. 
Set the Duration 
Craft your playlist to match your preferred study session length. If you like the Pomodoro technique, create 25-minute musical segments followed by a 5-minute energizing track to signify a break. 
Continuously Update 
Every now and then, revisit your playlist. Remove songs that no longer resonate and add fresh ones that inspire. Keep your study vibe updated, just like your wardrobe! 
Share the Love 
Once you've crafted your perfect playlist, why not share it with your fellow Pathfinders? Maybe set up a playlist exchange at ACTC. Music is universal, and sharing your discoveries can be a beautiful way to connect. 
So, Pathfinders, next time you sit down for a study session at Ashland Community and Technical College, let your carefully curated playlist guide your academic journey. Because when the beats align with your heartbeat, magic truly happens. Dive into your studies, let the music elevate you, and always remember to dance to the rhythm of your own dreams. 

Stay harmonious and keep achieving, Pathfinders! 🎶