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College for the Real World

by Ian Farmer - April 30, 2023

Community College is something often overlooked by so many during there educational journey. Following high school, many students immediately want to jump to a big school and start off fast. However, it's been better for me to start off at ACTC. Getting my first taste of the college experience has been a lot easier for me then it would have been if I started at a university.

Community College is an important step in a students life. For most, it's there first taste of the college experience. ACTC has been a great step and chapter for me and my education. Rather its a money saver or another reason, community college has been something that I am grateful for. I know so many other are grateful for it as well. 

As a journalist, its been easier for me to be able to work on my basics and prepare myself for my bachelors degree. One thing that a lot of students struggle with is paying for college. Community College is the perfect solution to there problems. However, the majority of students still attend a university out of high school and take out student loans that they regret in the long run. That's one reason why I am so grateful for community college. The times I have made at ACTC are ones I will never forget.

Whenever I graduated high school, I procrastinated on college. I had plans on attending Shawnee State University in the Fall. I realized a couple months prior to my first day, that money could potentially be an issue. Thats when the idea of attending a community college became a reality. I knew right then and there where I was going to attend school. I never looked back and never thought about another plan. It was the plan I wanted to take and I took it. 

So if your debating on community college, my advice is to go for it. The long term goals won't be completed without the short term goals you set and strive for every single day. Happy Community College Month. 


043023-ianIan Farmer is a student in the Associate of Arts program at Ashland Community and Technical College and resides in Greenup, KY. His dream is to become a sports journalist or sports analyst.