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One in 40 million

by Taylor Alexander - April 27, 2022

Wellbutrin. Zoloft. Celexa. BuSpar. Xanax. Vistaril. Prozac. Lexapro. Citalopram. Fluoxetine. If you happen to know what these are, odds are you or someone you know/love suffers from anxiety, depression, or both. In fact, 40 million adults in the United States are affected by anxiety according to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America.

I am one of the 40 million. I am very familiar with the prescription medications listed above.

But wait, you say. You are a mother of two. You are a successful adult with a successful career in marketing who is highly involved in transforming yourself to achieve great things.

Yes, you are correct. But that doesn’t mean that I am exempt from anxiety and depression. I’ve had many low moments. Moments where it did not seem possible to move an inch further. Episodes of couch potato-ing, piles of dirty dishes in the sink, dust bunnies in the corner, thinking of all the tasks that need to get done at work, living in my own mind with negative thoughts a-plenty and worrying about what I need to do in order to move to the next mark, the next rung on the ladder, the next milestone.

It’s worrying over things you cannot and will not ever be able to control so much so that it can cause you to go into a depressive state as mentioned above. It’s constantly playing conversations over in your head because you are sure you offended them or they do not like you.

While I wish I could say that “I’m cured!”, I simply cannot. Anxiety is something that I live with and am learning to control. Remembering that, most likely, that person has already forgotten about that conversation from a week ago. And knowing that there are many, many people out there who are fighting the same fight.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your mental health. Odds are the person you are talking to is familiar with the medications above either personally or through another.

You are not alone. There are 40 million of us just like you.



NOTE: I am not a medical professional and the information listed above is my own opinions and experience with anxiety and depression. If you or someone you know needs help, please seek out a medical professional. If you need immediate assistance, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255. This assistance is free and offered 24/7.



Anxiety & Depression Association or America


042622-taylor-alexanderTaylor Alexander serves of the Director of Marketing and Public Relations at ACTC. She is currently working towards earning her Masters in Communication at Morehead State University. Taylor will be joining the teaching side of the house starting in the fall 2022 semester instructing a photoshop course. She is a wife and mother of two wonderful children who keep her very busy outside of work. When she is not juggling all the things, she enjoys creating: crafting, gardening, painting, and building.