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We Help Youth Understand the Need for College

November 16, 2016

Our focus at ACTC extends to students at all educational levels. We are primarily concerned with providing the quality academic education and support services that our enrolled students need to succeed in college. We are also aware of our ability to help pre-college students understand the need for postsecondary education.

We regularly host activities that expose youth to the variety of career opportunities offered through ACTC programs. Our recruiters and student service staff conduct tours for individuals and groups in which they explain college procedures.  In an area where perhaps 40% of our students are the first in their family to attend college, we try to take the mystery out of college processes.  In an area where high-paying jobs increasingly require more education and training, we strive to highlight options for career preparation right here at home.  Our goals are to help elementary through high school students understand the importance of higher education to their future success and to help them with the steps needed to enroll in college.