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Technology and education support each other

February 28, 2017

New technology is transforming every aspect of our world, and the college is continuously working to stay current with new developments.  Not only do we want incorporate those technologies into our programs and classes, we want to help our students and communities use those technologies at school, work and home.

The Emerging Technology Conference March 10 highlighted innovations that are impacting business and industrial processes, information systems and communications methods. Our new five-year Title III grant is focused on enhancing online learning, including course design and student support services to maximize learning.

Just as the old technologies of printed books, chalk boards, overhead projectors and calculators transformed education, new computer-based technologies are affecting every aspect of the teaching-learning process.  Our instructors are learning to use these new tools to improve the way information is presented to students and the way our students learn to apply that information.

New technological tools are important in education, and we will make the most of them.  However, I think we should also remember that the best ‘tool’ for learning is a great teacher. Fortunately, we have many at the college, and that is what will help us continue to realize the benefits of technology.