Graduation is a Measure of Our Success | ACTC

Graduation is a Measure of Our Success

May 2, 2016

Graduation is always a time of celebration, and this year is no exception.  More than 700 Ashland Community and Technical College students earned a credential during the academic year and are now ready to move on to a job or to a transfer institution.  We know how hard they had to work and how many obstacles they had to overcome to get this far.  We congratulate them on juggling college, work and family responsibilities and persisting to reach this goal. Their graduation is the reason we are here, and their success is a measure of our success.

Although they did not walk across the stage with our graduates, there are many other people who should be thanked for their support of the achievement that graduation represents.  Our faculty truly make a difference in students’ lives, sharing their knowledge and helping them to learn more than they had ever expected. Our staff support students every step of the way from their first visit to their final transcript request.  Our donors provide scholarships and support the greatest needs funds that can help students enter college and complete their programs. Our community partners share their expertise and resources to enrich programs and provide additional opportunities for our students.

Graduation is a celebration for us all.  For students, it is the knowledge that they have completed an important step in reaching their life goals.  For faculty and staff, it is the realization of our mission to prepare students for employment or further education. For our community supporters, it is the recognition that their efforts have helped another group of students become college graduates. 

Graduation is both an ending and a beginning. We celebrate our students’ achievement this year and look forward to the accomplishments that their education will make possible.