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Campus Life Can Enrich the College Experience

March 15, 2016

Many programs this spring have provided enrichment opportunities for students, from a play festival and art show to  seminars on arts/science topics and personal safety issues. As a community college, we serve a student population that does not have much time for campus activities.  Our students come to class and then go to work or go home to take care of a family. Because college is important to them, they set aside several hours a day for class and study, but most do not have the luxury of extra hours for student clubs and events.

We provide programs and activities that can fit into a tight schedule while expanding the opportunities to benefit from our college environment. Lunch time activities such as next week’s spring flings at the College Drive and Technology Drive campuses provide an enjoyable ‘break’ from classes. Honor societies, Student Government, the Science Club, Baptist Campus Ministries and other organizations offer time to network with other students. Blood drives and food drives provide community service opportunities, university campus visits help with their transfer decisions, and job fairs help with career decisions.

Even though campus life is not the focus for most of our students, extracurricular activities can have a positive impact on their lives and their college success.