The Innovation Center

The Ashland Area Innovation Center (AAIC), part of the Kentucky Innovation Network, is a business accelerator charged with developing Northeastern Kentucky's economy through the creation of knowledge-based businesses. The AAIC, also a part of Ashland Community and Technical College and serving Boyd, Carter, Elliott, Fleming, Greenup, Lawrence and Lewis counties, enables clients to develop innovative, knowledge-based business opportunities in an ever-changing global market.

AAIC supports the creation of knowledge-based businesses by:

  • Establishing an entrepreneurial community
  • Fostering entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Assisting clients with the application of appropriate technologies
  • Assisting clients with existing businesses
  • Providing access to a synchronized statewide network including capital, web-based resources, technical guidance and reference materials.

The scope of work for the AAIC includes entrepreneur guidance and mentoring, skills-set development, public education, public relations, technical assistance and facilitation, as well as participation in the network of applicable statewide programs through the Kentucky Innovation Network.
The AAIC complements existing organizations and agencies; however, the approach taken by the AAIC differs substantively in that it:

  • Offers comprehensive entrepreneurial services
  • Mentors clients throughout their business building process
  • Provides a comprehensive business acceleration program
  • Serves as a catalyst for business development and expansion
  • Serves as a link for Kentucky Innovation Network programs

The Ashland Area Innovation Center addresses economic challenges that Northeastern Kentucky must overcome if it is to be a player in the new knowledge-based economy. These grassroots challenges (brain drain, a weak entrepreneurial culture, lack of new company start-ups and downsizing of existing companies) have hindered Kentucky's competitive position in the creation of new economy jobs. Entrepreneurs can only flourish in regions that provide a supportive infrastructure. Through the AAIC, that infrastructure is being nurtured and developed.

Innovation Center Staff

Director: Mick Fosson

4700 Roberts Drive
Building 5
Ashland, KY 41102
Phone: (606) 922-2678
Fax: (606) 326-2191

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