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The Entrepreneur Center

The Entrepreneur Center is a small business incubator helping local people start local businesses. It provides an affordable start to any individual or group of individuals that may possess the desire to start a business thus contributing to the growth of economic development in the Tri-State area.

Services Provided:

  • Office Space at Low Cost with Basic Office Furniture
  • T1 Internet Access
  • Copier & Fax Service (at a minimum cost)
  • Office supply start-up kit
  • Access to a small conference room (approximately 20 people)
  • Access to managerial assistance and training

Due to the location of the Entrepreneur Center we can only take service-type business such as:

  • Off Site - Premises sales
  • Accounting and Data Processing
  • Consulting Firms
  • Internet Operations

Businesses NOT permitted at the Center due to Location:

  • Assembly and Manufacturing
  • Retail Operations
  • Storage
  • At this time only businesses for profit are permitted

For more information, please contact:

Robin Harris
Email:  Robin.Harris@kctcs.edu
Phone: (606) 326-2252

The Entrepreneur Center is a Partnership with the Ashland Alliance.
ACTC is an equal opportunity employer and education institution