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ACTC offers options that open doors

June 1, 2020


We are in uncharted territory as our country and the world deals with the pandemic health crisis. Trying to determine the most appropriate college decision for yourself or your high school graduate during this period of health and economic uncertainty is very challenging. I know. I have a daughter in middle school, and while she is not headed off to college soon, we’re having interesting discussions about the future. I am sure you are doing the same in your house.

Recently, I saw a survey of high school seniors detailing how coronavirus might influence their thoughts about college. Many students are reconsidering their fall 2020 plans and instead are thinking about attending campuses closer to home, enrolling at less expensive or smaller institutions, or choosing college experiences in rural, safer
locations. Some students are considering a gap year, but they don’t know what they would do given the job market and travel restrictions. Others are changing their plans to attend college part-time until the world settles down a little. And some just don’t know what they are going to do. It is all very difficult.

If you, or someone you know, are uncertain about your college plans, I want you to be aware of what Ashland Community and Technical College (ACTC) has to offer. Our courses and programs are transferable across the country, whether you take
them online or in person. ACTC graduates are guaranteed admission to all Kentucky public colleges or universities with full junior standing. We also have transfer articulation agreements with out-of-state and private institutions.

Afraid you can't afford college? Well, you can. With the lowest tuition in Kentucky, financial aid options and a helping hand to guide you through the process, we have you covered. For the cost of one year at a university, you could go for two years at ACTC. That two-year degree can open up a new career, or complete the first half of a bachelor’s degree.

We offer the first two years of most bachelor’s degree programs, including outstanding STEM offerings. In addition, we offer a wide array of career and technical programs from allied health and nursing to business, computer studies, welding and criminal justice, just to name a few. To see more of what ACTC has to offer, please visit our website at

Even though access to our campus buildings are currently limited due to the coronavirus threat, our Student Services staff are accessible by video conferencing, email and phone. You can reach them at or by calling
(855) 246-2282 to learn more.

I hope you remain safe and healthy during this crisis. If there is any way ACTC can assist you with additional information as you navigate this challenging time, please contact us. Remember, ACTC is your community college.

Dr. Larry Ferguson
President and CEO of Ashland Community and Technical College