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Child care provider trainings offered

July 30, 2019


     ACTC is once again offering child care provider trainings. The cost is $15 per person per class. Fee must be paid at the time of registration.
     Each three-hour class is taught by an ECE TRIS certified instructor and will be submitted to ECE TRIS for Child Care Provider Training hours. All classes will be at ACTCā€™s Roberts Drive Campus located at 4700 Roberts Drive, Building 5, Ashland.
     To register for these trainings, call 606-326-2072.
     Upcoming classes are:
     Bringing the Book to Life: Aug. 17, 9 a.m.-12 p.m. ā€” During this workshop, the information provided will help enhance the participants knowledge about the world of literacy and how children's books can create a new path of hands-on learning. This can be achieved by incorporating the storyline and characters into the learning materials fostering the child's imagination. This workshop will provide early childhood educators with activities and resources related to a variety of books used in early childhood learning environments.
     Science Activities for Learning: Oct. 19, 9 a.m.-12 p.m. ā€” This session will address the need for incorporating science into the childcare environment. The world is based on science and technology. It is the challenge of professionals to give children a firm foundation in this area right from the start. The hands-on workshop integrates activities for a variety of ages and introduces science experiments. This class is designed for infant/toddler staff, preschool staff and school age staff.