ACTC offering fall photography classes | ACTC

ACTC offering fall photography classes

Sept. 11, 2018


     ACTC is offering classes taught by J. Bird Cremeans, a local photographer and experienced Photoshop instructor. Classes are from 6:30-8 p.m. at the Roberts Drive Campus.
     Intro to Photography is designed for beginners and hobbyists and will meet on Monday evenings starting Oct. 1-Nov. 5. Participants will get one-on-one instruction, notes and assignments to learn how to use their cameras’ settings. The fee is $75.
     Intro to Photography II will meet on Tuesdays, Oct. 2-Nov. 6, and will cover advanced features and techniques such as EV and flash compensation, advanced white balance and metering, and other manual settings. A camera with manual functions is recommended. This class is designed for beginners and hobbyists to develop a better understanding of your camera and a more creative eye. The fee is $75.
     There will also be a Photoshop III class. It will meet on Wednesday evenings, Oct. 3-Nov. 7. This class will teach you how to use a flash properly. Participants will also learn about speedlights, TTL, off camera flash and more. Students are required to have a DSLR camera with full manual functions and an off-camera flash. The fee is $75.
     To register, contact Workforce Solutions at 606-326-2072 or email