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Take Humanities Courses to Explore Our Heritage

Need a creative outlet? Harry PotterandIntro to Film aretwo of the many classes offered at ACTC this spring that explore humanitys cultural and creative expressions.These classes may be used to satisfy general education requirements in heritage / humanities and can provide a broad view of the human experience.

Some of the courses listed below are offered online as well as on campus. Check the class schedule at ashland.kctcs.edu, under Academics, for a complete listing.

Drawing I (ART110) and Drawing II (ART 210) cover basic to advanced drawing skills, concepts and techniques.

Intro to Art (ART 100) explores the history of art.

Intro to Film (ENG 281), the study of movies as a narrative art and a cultural document, includes the viewing of films outside of class.

Intro to Theatre: Principles and Practice (THA 101) looks at the processes and the products of theatre.

Ethics (PHI 130) examines philosophical principles related to moral action and political values.

History of Kentucky (HIS 240) explores Kentuckys growth and development from 1750 to the present. Other courses explore the History of the US and the History of Europe.

Special topics in Literature Harry Potter (ENG 299) is a good choice for education majors and Harry Potter fans.

Survey of American Literature I (ENG 251) covers U.S. literature from the Colonial era to the Civil War, with a focus on social, political, and cultural contexts.

Voice for Theatre (MUS100) develops an awareness and understanding of musical styles from the Middle Ages to the present and is designed for the non-music majors.

Land amp; Peoples of the Non-Western World (GEO 160) looks at the social, cultural, economic and political differences between the West and Non-West areas of the world and can count as either a social science or humanities course.