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Supplemental Instruction Available for ACTC Students

ACTC students can get help with some of their courses with Supplemental Instruction, an academic support program that targets historically difficult courses.

Students attend out of class review sessions that are informal seminars in which they review notes, discuss readings, develop organizational tools and prepare for exams. The SI sessions are lead by students who have previously and successfully completed the targeted course.

Students who attend SI sessions have higher test scores, higher final grades and learn skills that make them better students.

There are currently SI sessions for Psychology 110, BIO 137 and 139, MT 055, MT 065, ENC 090 and 091. Students who need help in one of those classes are encouraged to attend a session. It just might make a difference in how well they do in the class. The techniques learned in the SI session might also help students with their future classes.

Check out the website for information about times and locations for SI sessions:

In the future, students might want to consider selecting courses that offer Supplemental Instruction.

For more information, contact Professor Becky Gehringer, Supplemental Instruction Specialist, at 606-326-2023or email: