Super Sunday is February 28, Student Selected to Hall of Fame | ACTC

Super Sunday is February 28, Student Selected to Hall of Fame

ACTC will hold a Super Sunday College Fair on February 28 at 1:30 p.m. at Christ Temple Church in Ashland. The fair is free and open to the public.

Super Sunday is a Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) initiative to increase the college-going rate of African-American students. All 16 KCTCS colleges are partnering with African-American churches to reach out to parents and students to promote higher education.

The fair is designed for anyone who may be considering college for themselves or members of their family. College representatives will share information on the college planning process, admissions, degree programs, financial aid, scholarships, university transfer and more.

Super Sunday Hall of Fame

ACTC graduate Myra Mendez has been named to the 2016 Super Sunday Hall of Fame.The annual Kentucky Community and Technical College Super Sunday Hall of Fame honors a graduate of each of the 16 KCTCS colleges whose achievements can be an inspiration to others.

An Argillite resident, Mendez received an Associate in Arts Degree from ACTC in 2014. She is an Office Assistant in the ACTC Advising Center

After working for several years at a plant as a quality control technician I realized that there was no room for growth, Mendez said. I started looking for other opportunities but it was difficult to find anything better without having an education. That is when I decided to start school.

I started at a university but was unsure what I wanted to do. After asking for advice from friends and family, I was convinced to come to ACTC because not only was it close to home, but it was affordable and many people shared positive experiences with me.

Applying and registering was fast and easy. I immediately felt comfortable because everyone seemed so approachable, so helpful. I decided to major in business, and it was the best decision ever. I became a student worker, and within a year I was hired full time in the advising center. I have loved every step of my journey here at ACTC.

She is taking classes at Morehead State University for a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, and her long term career goal is to work in a business position at a college or university.