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Start at ACTC for University Transfer

Ashland Community and Technical Collegestudents can prepare for transfer into nearly 200 bachelor degree programs offered by four-year colleges and universities throughout the region.

Nationally, nearly half of all U.S. undergraduates are at community colleges and two-thirds plan to eventually transfer for a bachelors degree. The numbers are similar for Kentucky. Starting at ACTC offers many advantages.

Saving money for the same education is one advantage. Tuition at ACTC is considerably less than at universities and four-year colleges in the region. Those eligible for financial aid often find that Federal Pell grants and other aid can cover all or most of their tuition expenses. Staying at home also can cost much less than dorm fees or housing near campus.

The general education classes at ACTC are the same as those required at four-year institutions. Since ACTC is accredited by the recognized regional accreditation commission, your classes will transfer to nearly every college and university in the country.

With smaller classes than larger institutions, ACTC provides more opportunities for class participation and assistance from the professor.

Another advantage is quality instruction. ACTCs instructors are paid to teach, not to do research. They are available for one-on-one discussions and to help understand class assignments.

Being on small campuses also helps with the transition to college, with people who know your name and a variety of easy-to-find services. These services include tutoring, student support services, and math and English labs staffed by faculty.

And finally, ACTC is close to home, which is an advantage to many students who want to stay close to family and job responsibilities.

Specific transfer programs with area universities, commonly called 2+2 programs, allow students to complete an associate degree in a field and transfer smoothly into a bachelor's degree program in that field at that specific university. Students follow a curriculum plan that lists the courses to take at ACTC.

ACTC has 2+2 transfer programs with Marshall University in Business Administration with six options, Biology, Chemistry, Early Childhood Education, Forensic Chemistry and Journalism with nine options. There is also 2+4 transfer program with the MU School of Pharmacy for a PharmD.

Transfer programs with Morehead State University are offered in Business Administration with three options, Nursing-BSN Completion Track, Social Work, Space Science and a Technology Management completer program for technology-related fields.

Transfer programs with Shawnee State University are available in Biology, Business Administration with three options, Chemistry, Education with four licensure options, Plastics Engineering Technology, Sport Studies with three options, History, Psychology, Sociology, International Relations, Computer Engineering Technology and Environmental Engineering Technology.

A transfer program with Ohio Valley University in West Virginia in available in Business Administration with a major in Organizational Management.

Many courses transfer to Ohio University, Eastern Kentucky University, University of Kentucky, University of Louisville and other universities chosen by ACTC students.

ACTC graduates can also complete bachelor's and masters' degrees at the College Drive Campus in Ashland through classes offered by Morehead State University-Ashland and Lindsey Wilson College.

To start a transfer program at ACTC this fall, apply by August 1. Applications are on the web at and may be submitted online.

A Student Transfer Guide on ACTCs website under Academics gives an overview of transfer options and resources. ACTCs Advising Office can help students select the right courses for transfer to their chosen university and can be contacted at 606.326.2040 or e-mail: definitely planning to transfer to Morehead State University can contact the ACTC/MSU Advisor at: