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Social Science Courses Explore the Human Condition

When working on an associate degree, ACTC students can choose Behavioral and Social Science courses that explore different aspects of human society and how people act or interact with each other. Subjects include sociology, psychology, economics, political science and anthropology.

A sampling of spring classesis listed below, andsome of the courses are offered online as well as on campus. Check the class schedule at, under Academics, for a complete listing.

American Government (POL 101) examines national government and the political process in the US, with emphasis on the Constitution, the President, Congress, and the Judicial System.

Appalachian Studies I (HUM 202), is an inter-disciplinary introduction to Appalachian history, economy, geography, politics, and culture.

Contemporary Economic Issues (ECO 101) covers issues such as inflation, poverty and affluence, globalization, and environmental pollution.

General Psychology (PSY 110) covers history, methods and content of modern psychology including psychological processes, developmental psychology, personality, abnormal behavior and social psychology.

Intro to Comparative Religion (REL 101) emphasizes the varieties, differences and similarities of religious experience and expression in their social and cultural contexts.

Intro to Sociology (SOC 101) explores concepts and methods of sociology including socialization, group processes, social inequality, social institutions, and social change