Native American Heritage Program Nov. 21 | ACTC

Native American Heritage Program Nov. 21

ACTC will present Marilou Awiaktas The Greening of Native Americans on Thursday, Nov. 21, at noon in the J. B. Sowards Theatre at the College Drive Campus.

This is an ACTC Diversity Committee presentation in observance of November asNative American Heritage Month.

Marilou Awiakta is a renowned author whose books blend stories, essays and poetry. An Eastern Band Cherokee, she is the seventh generation of her family to grow up in Appalachia, mostly in East Tennessee. The Eastern Band descended from the Cherokee who remained in the area in the 19th century, avoiding the Trail of Tears march to Indian Territory.

Although she grew up in Oakridge, TN, where her father was a scientist working on atomic energy, Awiakta embraced her Native American heritage. Her works weave together Cherokee history and legends, thoughts on family and society, and appreciation of the Native American philosophy that includes a nurturing relationship between people and the earth.

The ACTC program includes a video of Awiakta speaking at the University of Tennessee about her life and works, and especially her view about how the tribes will green up or reconstitute themselves in the future. Following the screening, ACTC faculty and students will read selections from Awiaktas poetry.

The free program is open to the public. For more information, contact ACTC Associate Professor Laura Tussey, 606.326.2208 or email: