NASA Grant Will Fund ACTC Robotics Camp in July | ACTC

NASA Grant Will Fund ACTC Robotics Camp in July

Ashland Community and Technical College has received a grant from NASA Kentucky to hold a Robotics Adventures Camp for FIVCO area middle and high school students. The grant will provide scholarships for 20 students, ages 14 to 18, to attend the camp.

The Robotics Adventures Camp seeks to expand on the success of ACTCs previous NASA Summer of Innovation project by offering meaningful robotics-themed activities in a relaxed camp environment.

Participants will learn how to build, program and operate autonomous EV-3 Robots. Working in small groups, the participants will build autonomous robots to overcome obstacles, traverse canyons, perform rescues, and to find their way out of a labyrinth. No prior EV-3 Robot experience is necessary.

Robotics requires a combination of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science knowledge and skills. Class activities are designed to promote STEM learning, analytical thinking, group problem solving, trial and error experiential learning, and concepts relatable to NASA careers. After all, robots really do explore Mars and perform a variety of difficult tasks on Earth.

The class will meet at the Roberts Drive Campus weekdays, July 20 to 24, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Preregistration is required for the free class since space is limited. To reserve a space, mail or call 606.326.2072.

NASA Kentucky partners with NASA to advance research, education and workforce development within the state. Robotics camps and other projects for young people are designed to provide exciting, meaningful and educational experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) subjects. The ACTC Robotics Class is provided with support from a grant by the NASA Space Grant Consortium.