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Medical Information Technology Program Meets Growing Need

Medical Information Technology isa way to have a career in the booming health care industry without the requirements of hands-on patient care. There is growing demand for medical information specialists who are trained in the latest coding and record keeping requirements, and theaverage salary in Kentucky for medical information specialists is $32,000 per year

ACTCs program provides training in the use of electronic health records as required by the Federal government in 2014. Students also learn to prepare medical records and reports, maintain files, perform accounting procedures, and use the latest international coding systems for medical insurance submissions.

Choices include two diplomas, five certificates and an associate degree with four tracks for specializing in administration, coding, office management or medical records. August 4 is the application deadline for fall classes, and admissions forms are on the web at: For more information, contact Coordinator Nenna Bayes, nenna.bayes@kctcs.eduor call the Admissions Office at 606-326-2000.