Mansbach Foundation Gives $250,000 to Scholarship Fund | ACTC

Mansbach Foundation Gives $250,000 to Scholarship Fund

The Foundation of Ashland Community and Technical College has announced the receipt of a significant gift from the Mansbach Foundation for scholarships for students attending Ashland Community and Technical College.

The Mansbach Foundation has provided $250,000 in immediate funding to be added to their endowed scholarship fund, the Joseph amp; Sylvia Mansbach Scholarship Fund.

The additional scholarship funds will provide scholarships to students enrolled in programs at Ashland Community and Technical College that contribute to workforce development in high-need areas and/or transfer of students into baccalaureate degree programs in areas of strategic benefit to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, said Frank Salisbury, ACTCs Director of Advancement.

Additional Scholarship funding is vital to our students in this economic climate, said Dr. Gregory D. Adkins, ACTC President and CEO. We are very grateful for the confidence in our college as evidenced by this magnificent gift from the Mansbach Foundation. We will now take action to request this additional investment in the Mansbach Fund be matched by the KCTCS Endowment Trust.

The Mansbach family has a sound history of supporting education in this community, we are so pleased our Foundation can serve the Mansbach Foundation as a conduit for scholarships for students attending ACTC, said Robert J. Maher, President of ACTCs Foundation. With the matching funds available from the KCTCS Endowment Trust, approximately $500,000 will be added to the existing endowment. That will really go a long way in providing scholarships for our students.

Gerald Mansbach, President of the Mansbach Foundation said, We are pleased to invest these funds with ACTCs Foundation to benefit local students getting a college education here in Ashland. This corresponds with the philosophy of our parents, the late Joseph amp; Sylvia Mansbach. I believe they would especially appreciate the $1 per $1 match.