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Machine Tool Skills Are in Demand

Machine tool technology is a much needed skill, according to Danny Pancake, Machine Tool Program Coordinator at ACTC. As baby boomers begin to retire, high paying, rewarding jobs are becoming available to highly trained technicians.

Almost every industrial product in the world contains metal parts or is manufactured by machines made of metal parts - from jet engines to guitars to washing machines. Making these parts is the work of machine tool technicians.

Parts are increasingly being made with computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines, although manually operated saws, drills, lathes and mills are still important. Students in the ACTC program learn basic machine tool skills on both manual and CNC equipment.

Students learn the latest technologies in the laboratory/classroom at the Technology Drive Campus. The state-of-the-art machines range in price from $20,000 to $150,000 each.

One reason our graduates are hired as soon as they graduate is that they have the background to use expensive equipment effectively and efficiently," Pancake said. Hands-on training is an essential aspect of the program.

Employers have included ESM II, Southern Ohio Machine Shop, Precision Machining and Implements Inc., McCorkle Machine amp; Engineering and Flowserve Corporations Flow Solutions Division in Summit.

For specialized skills, students can choose a CNC Machinist Apprentice or Machine Shop Apprentice diploma or a certificate in Exploratory Machining, Machine Operator I or Machine Operator II.

For more information on starting Machine Tool classes this spring, contact Professor Pancake at 606-326-2471 or 800-928-4256 ext. 62471 or email: