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Learn Ghost Hunting Techniques

Do you have an interest in becoming a ghost hunter? Theres more to it than meets the eye! Whether you are curious about what happens or would like to become a paranormal investigator, this introductory class in Basic Ghost Hunting Techniques will help you separate fact from fiction.

Ghost hunter Roger Hagley will lead participants through the history, investigative techniques, equipment, and professional conduct involved in paranormal investigations. He is co-founder of the Huntington Area Research Of The Paranormal (H.A.R.P.), a group that looks at paranormal phenomena as skeptics, seeking to find natural explanations before coming to any conclusion.

The class will meet Mondays, Oct. 17 to 31, from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the College Drive Campus. The fee is $25, and enrollment is through Lifelong Learning, 606-326-2072, 800-928-4256 ext. 62072 or email: as_LLL@kctcs.edu.